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October 26, 2004


Señor SabeloTodo

Yeap! I remember those days, back in the early 70's... count yourself lucky your waking up at 7:00 for 8:00 Mass (Whay is it called MASS? A mass of followers listening to El Padre "bitch and moan" because he woke up on the wrong side of bed? Ooops! got side tracked! Any way We would wake up early enough to attend 5:00 friking cold AM I hate the sound of old worshipers coughing flem through out the joyous silence of the Dominical Sermon Mass! Ok! Not everything was that bad, she would take us for a "chocomil" at the "mercado"...
And that is my $00.02 worth.
Y tú que dices?


Woah... in my opinion, religion and politics should not be combined for so many reasons and i think you understand why. Sadly, i contradict myself as in Finland we have a "Christian Democrats" party, but then again freedom of speech and all lets people create such parties. And it is succesful nontheless. It is true that in Finlands example we are 95% Lutheran christians, but still I hold firm in my belief that religion should not mingle with politics! They are two totally different grounds in my opinion. Hehe, enough ranting for the day, ill go make some food now :D


I saw a strange sight the other day - a group of Pro-Lifers having a semi-protest. I say "semi-protest" because it was outside of a Burger King and across the street from a Einstein's Bagels. I didn't have any clue why they were there. Nevertheless, I rolled my window down as I drove by their signs which read "Abortion is Murder" etc, and yelled out "F**k you!" I hope they saw my "Pro Child: Pro Choice" bumper sticker too.

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