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October 19, 2004



Wow! I thank all of you for the responses. Yes, I do like the cap and I will consider purchasing it within the next few days. I figured if 95% of my clothing comes from GAP, I might as well go ahead and purchase an item from another popular name brand.


Yes, buy the hat if you must, but shop around first - ebay and the like. You'd be surprised how much stuff you can get without paying full price.

And Michelle, don't rule out the tall pants at the thrift stores entirely. Sometimes it just takes a lot of looking. If you find a ts that has a dressing room, that helps.


Have I bought stuff from that store? Yes, for my daughter. It's over-priced and cheaply made. Even their sales. I've never read about their labor. If you want the cap, I bet you CAN find it on e-bay.

But Daniel, if you want it, why feel guilty?

Leslie M

Look for the same cap on EBay. I got an AF pullover jacket-something with a load of handy pockets for $7.00 on EBay. That's the only way I'll buy AF clothing - on EBay - because 1) The stuff is so very overpriced in the AF store, and 2) At the age of 35, I feel kind of freakish walking around in their store.

By the way, I do like that cap!



From the previous post, I figured you were against buying anything from that damn store. I myself wouldnt buy from there for reasons Ive discussed with you before. But if you dig the cap, which sounds like you do, I guess you can change your mind and buy it. Just dont be wearing them raggity shirts they sell anytime soon or Ill have to remind you of the comments you made towards people who would actually buy something like that.


Oh, 'nuther idea. Get a similar cap on eBay. Then you will have the cap you want, but your money will not be in the hands of the company.


Well, you just summed up my opinion very succinctly. Most companies support cheap labor, so getting any sort of cap will be difficult in this country. You can, however, always find unique items at the local thrift shop! Then you can take whatever you saved and donate it to your local anti-Bush campaign. :-)

Having said that, I am a hypocrite. I am losing weight, so I have to get a couple of pairs of pants in a smaller size. I am tall, so the thrift store is out. I can't sew worth shit. So, I will be frequenting some chain store that sells pants in a tall length. I will just try to spend as little as possible. Sometimes, what can you do? I try to get some of my clothes from small boutiques and thrift shops, but that's not always possible.


Yes Michelle! I actually do want your opinion. In fact, you might stop me from purchasing from a company that advocates cheap labor and treats our brothers and sisters unfairly.

You opinion is wanted. I welcome any opinion on this site!


Why don't you stop by AdBusters.org and order a nifty pair of BlackSpot sneakers...very anti-Nike and no terrible labor practices. You really don't want my opinion about the cap....

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