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September 09, 2004


todos me conocen

A woman can hold any position, as long as there are no idiots in office. Osea... Lamujer puede hacer lo que le de la "rechingada gana" siempre y cuando no existan idiotas al cargo. Onthe other side of the tortilla; There is also something called the "crabs in the bucket syndrome" tha for some reason affects women. It seems that the ones that have managed to climb out of the bucket have less DEAD weight pulling then the unfortunate ones left behind. Let's talk about Margie Thatcher... It took big innertia (pa los que no saben de que chingados estoy hablando: HUEVOS) to go all the way to the tip of SA (Sud America para los analfabetos) and end the Faulking that the Argentinians were in the process of Malveriando. IT'S SAD that the US of A, took a "FAR-last row in the theatre SEAT, and did SHIT about it." Is there descrimination of Lexicons o Qué. Porque los Argentinos están güeritos también?
Ya me voy y se los dejo de tarea...
se lo lavan...


I don't like margaret thatcher..... she participated in the war against argentina for the little flakland islands....hate her......


I will be attending Cal state LA. However, I am going to see if I can get in to Cal state Fullerton. I'd rather be as far away from home as possible. My mother is driving me nuts!


You need to come up to Austin and hang with us! What school will you be attending?


While I did enjoy your blog on women's political aspirations - I think you should put up a bigger picture. I can barely see your face! :)

Daniel M

Thank you! Wow! It's such an honor to get that from a woman. You definitely made my day. However, this is only the beginning of my feminist crusade. As I will be continuing my education at a different school, I'll be in search of more feminist wisdom.


Feminist points for you! I'm glad that you stood up for women, and not just to seem liberal, but because of your beliefs. Next time someone says that men are pigs, I'll have to step in!

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