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April 19, 2004



I was deeply touched when I first heard about Lara Roxx on news special on TV recently. I think what really is the sad aspect of this whole tragedy is that Lara seems like the last person to be involved with such a sick business as the porn industry. She is so frail, beautiful, and waif-like and probably never even thought in a million years she would become caught up in such a sinister environment. Probably had dreams of becoming an actress or model only to hit desperate financial straits and got seduced into porn by very slick and slimy individuals who told her that she could make quick, easy money free of consequence. One could possibly obtain a judgemental attitude and say that she should have known better and knew what she was getting into, yet who are we to judge? It has become a well-known fact that most girls who get involved in such arenas such as porn were sexually molested when they were younger by a trusted family member and that has messed them up for life. I'm not saying for a fact that this happened to Lara Roxx, but it is probably a safe bet, especially in today's world. Anyway, my heart does go out to her and others like her and I hope that Lara can one day find peace from a Higher Source that will give her a definate hope for her life. Right now I am trying to obtain an address for the center in Montreal where Lara now resides so I can write her a letter of sympathy, comfort, and hope. If anyone has her address, please e-mail me at: john.p.hanssen.i3v6@statefarm.com

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