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April 27, 2004



Hey Daniel I totally agree in the demeanor of sports fans. They have gotton so fired up about trying to support there team that they forget good sportsmanship. Wherethere it be in football, soccer, basketball or baseball going too far seems to have no limit and it just spoils the game for me. Good sportsmanship is not only for the players but also for the fans.


Carlos, It is seldom that anyone leaves me any feedback whenever I type these specific kind of posts. However, it is all about speaking my mind, isn't it? That is what the title to this blog is trying to imply.


Hey! Wasup Daniel, I can see that no one cares about your blog when you speak about soccer. Very sad dude. Next time try baseball or hockey. Anyway, tomorrow this will be the outcome of the game; U.S.A 7 Mexico 0.

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