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April 01, 2004



Hey whats up, this is the kick back real estate guy. Just wanted to post my thouhts about the trip and what it means to go camping.
Camping is a great experience hat none should miss. It is a way to connect to the primative side of man. Conecting the side that makes us animals. Out in the woods their is silence in the night and day, the only noices are those of wild animals. No clocks or watches are needed out here all you need is to look out towards the east and see the sun rise and you will know what time it is. Pressure, stress, those words mean nothing up here, all their is to think about is what your going to eat and what you will do with all the free time you got. Think about yourself, find what your meaning in life is and relax. It was a great trip i enjoyed it a great deal we eat like kings, drank like giants, slept like bears, and smoked like wizards.....all we needed was female pleasure and it would have been heaven.
till next adventure, lates, JM


Hey! Jim- the Lawyer (your brother in law) Beto...the stoned special Ed High School Teacher... Javi..the real estate kickback who loves to camp fella. Pedro... who smoked like if there was no tommorow ( Frodo Baggins) and lastly...Carlos (Doom 2) who was dying of the 11 mile trail to see some waterfall... hey, but it was a good trip, wasn't it?


Hey man, whats up.
I just checked out this page you told me about last week. Pretty cool. Just like the livejournal site my friend keeps telling me to join.
Give a big thanks to Pedro [I think thats his name..lol]

Have a good one then man & enjoy the trip.

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