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April 21, 2004



Muse. Lovley band, I mostly like bands that are from the UK. But, it's mostly just Dragonforce on my playlist =/ ANYWAY, very nice ^_^

la la la la

la la la la


hello guys.....
i like ur band very much.....may i get ur more pictures and video.i love to sing ur songs especially time is running out and starlight..

Andrew the Great

the best band ever. no doubt about it.

Julia Novita Sari

To: Muse
Muse band, can u all send me ur picture and ur e-mail address?? I want u to contact with me... I guess, that's make me happy if u send me letters... PLEASE?? ^^

Julia Novita Sari

that's so cool, I think!!! Oh my god, I like it... Can u send me many kinds of Muse pictures??? Please... Becuz' I like it... Please send me???


simply the best rock band in uk, if not in the world!


MUSE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If any of you hate muse......you can go kill yourself!!!1


This is so uncanny...I was watching a video on these guys today and here I bump into this blog!? Danny where have you been all my life??? hahaha (I keep finding things in common with you)I looove these guys (granted I don't know all of their songs)but I can listen to the few I know over and over again. I also heard they rock live!!
I know this is an old blog but I just had to give my input on it. Kudos to you...


Holy cow! I give you madd props for this. i dont know how i came upon your site... but i saw muse live last saturday.they freakin rock! if you get the chance see them live. omg its amazing!!!!! i love their new album absolution. its a great one! well im rambling on and on to someone i dont even know... im such a dork. toodles!

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