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March 16, 2004


Derrick Mosley

Children are brainwashed these days. It's not funny how children and teenagers are confussed about the importance of STD's. Today's youth are more concerned about pregnancy than sexual transmitted diseases. Most youth that are involve in sexual intercourse, main focus is, not getting pregnant. Youth are using protection to prevent pregnancy. Something is wrong, when youth pregnancy is causing so much chaos, when pregnancy is the least of their problems. They should be worried about, STD's, AIDs, and HIV.


Since when has sex been a one person event? Generally speaking teenagers usually aren't considered mature and non-emotional. We are talking about what 11 to 15 year olds right. Because frankly the rest of the world does not hold hands of 16 years old. They are considered adults. Only in America are we coddled. Yes, I do agree strongly that there are too many children being born from children but hey isn't that what you called "CHAOS". I mean to make someone take preventative meassures would be forcing them and there free will. Lets face it we live in a very hypocritical world but damn you really shouldn't be able to have it both ways.


Were you sleeping it off while at health class? Responsibility does not end at the door step. With all the methods available now days to protect you not only from pregnancy but just as important the danger of STD's, AIDS, etc. It's amazing now days to hear someone has become pregnant! There's a balance to everything you do in life, So therefore for every action, there will be a reaction. One thing that I can, and will not ever comprehend is why some people try to fix their mistake by abandoning their resposibilities by terminating life. Be responsible and face the truth! Prevent, not repent!

Yes! I would save a child, before I save a cat!


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