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March 22, 2004



What a bunch of simplistic, repetitious, poorly written, elitist, propaganda drivel!

Do you really think that each bomber-not-purchased equates to medical centers built, or your college loan?

Do you really think there is no threat to us overseas, or that bad people do not exist? Do you really believe that ignoring evil will make it magically cease?

I HATE war, and hate even more that it is sometimes necessary. Your viewpoint can only spawn in the warm security provided by the blood of better men.


One can only hope that the people of the United States are as intelligent as the people of spain. They recognized that their leadership had gotten them involved in a war based on false pretenses, and was costing them too many lives.

Now- Spain woke up- when will we?

CMA Auto designer

Indeed Marquez, I truly agree with you. BUT, Oh Mighty God, Vaht Can Ve Do? Yes these flawless Capitalist bastards don't care about anyone. It's always the same crap Democrats or Republicans, it will always be the same, "Yes, let's make a new bomber that can travel more than the speed of lightning!" Yes, Yes. "Oh but Mr. president what about our schools, our healthcare, our budget deficit and all the other million internal problems we have?" "Ah, Holy tornadoes sons, yoal always complaining and complaining, we'll get to that sweet tarts, but in meantime let's invade, invade invade, the Yankee way, YEEEEE HHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
That explains it, but like el diablo says: Exercise your vote in Novemba' Anyone but that BuShit!!


SOLUTION: Excercise your vote come November.
...and that's my 00.02 worth!

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